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Better by design.

Durable. Beautiful. Intelligent. Flexible. Comfortable. Safe. Authentic. Sustainable.

We had a lot of objectives—and adjectives—in mind when we set out to design better automotive technician workstations. Perhaps our most important goal can be summed up in this saying:

Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.

That’s why our products start with the user. We continually observe how technicians work. We asked the obvious questions about the ideal work surface height and how the physiology of the individual interacts with the ergonomics of the product. But we also asked less obvious questions such as:

  • What will help a technician work more comfortably?
  • More efficiently?
  • More contentedly?

Then we made sure that everything about our products—from their design to their materials—provides the user with the best possible experience. You can see examples of this thoughtfulness throughout our products. In our double-wall doors that are nearly impervious to dings. In our 12-gauge stainless steel work surfaces that deflect abuse. In the drawer slides that work so smoothly and flawlessly that they’re guaranteed. For life.

And, because we understand that an overwhelming percentage of an automobile dealer’s profitability comes from the service department, we designed our products to help technicians perform better and more efficiently. Of course, Shark products also comply with your OEM requirements.

One look, one touch and you can tell that we’ve thought through every aspect of our products, from materials to function. Yet we never stop looking for ways to make them even better.