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Autohaus Approved

Seattle, WA - August 30, 2010

Shark, Inc., manufacturer of award-winning professional workstations and modular tool carts, has been named by Mercedes-Benz, USA as an approved supplier to its Autohaus program. Effective immediately, Shark Professional Workstation solutions are available through the Mercedes-Benz Standard Service Equipment Program (SSEP).

"It is with honor and excitement that Shark, Inc. announces this approval months prior to our planned national launch in February 2011 at the NADA convention in San Francisco, CA", said Brian Witz, President/CEO of Shark, Inc.

"The Shark Professional Workstation optimizes functional elements of workbenches found in auto service facilities," notes Doug Bortz, Eastern Sales Engineer for Shark, Inc. "The design combines superior aesthetics with a new relevance to real-life work. Its hard-wearing surfaces, with rounded and smooth-to-the-touch edges, promise a long life that will span generations of everyday use. Drawers, cabinets and monitors are arranged for maximum ergonomic benefit. And its modular flex panel design enables technicians to create a work environment suitable to their professional needs."

This endorsement follows the company's International red dot Award for Excellence in Product Design that Shark received in July 2010. The red dot award is an internationally recognized quality label for excellent industrial design that has been received by the design teams of many world-renowned companies, including Mercedes-Benz, Bose, LG Electronics, Adidas, Apple, Nokia, Philips, Siemens, Sony and many others.