About The Company

About The Company

As the premier tool-storage and workstation solution in the automotive industry, Shark is trusted by brands like Porsche, Lexus, Lamborghini, and other high-end dealerships to deliver the most innovative and cutting-edge workstations on the market. By combining state-of-the-art design with stunning aesthetics, Shark offers a superior product that is both durable and elegant, smart and ergonomically optimal.

Our flexible storage cabinets, rugged worktops, and flush-faced toolboxes unite together to form a cohesive workspace solution that knows no rival.  


We believe in intelligent design
Shark Workstations are smart — we anticipate technicians’ needs and address them preemptively, enabling them to work without inconvenience or distraction.

We believe aesthetics matter
While beauty isn’t everything, it’s still important. Shark takes style as seriously as substance, which is why our products are sleek and sexy, and will stay that way for years on end.

We believe in ergonomic excellence
Shark Workstations are flexible and customizable to the specific needs of each technician and automotive bay, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency.

We believe in rugged durability
From the worktop to the toolbox to the cabinet hinges, every component in the Shark Workstation is engineered to endure real work and stand the test of time.